Season 3 Brought To You By

In season 3 RGG EDU travels to Orlando to talk post-production with some of the wizards in the post-production world of Photoshop. Stay tuned for updates on this season of the RGG EDU podcast available June 2017.

Gary & Rob sit down with Erik Almas, Michael Eastman, Jeremy Cowart, Lindsay Adler, Daniel Gregory, Kaylee Greer, Justin Wojtczak, Joel Grimes, Serge Ramelli, Rick Sammon, Glyn Dewis, Tim Wallace, Kristina Sherk, Bryan O'Neil, Dave Black, & Moose Peterson.

We fell in love with SmugMug during a project on Easton Chang in the desert and then again at Photokina 2016 and have been creating great projects together ever since. Check out their website if you are looking for a leading way to showcase your photos to the world. 

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