Kristina Sherk

Season 3 Episode 37

For the past 12 years, Kristina Sherk has been offering top notch headshots to actors, performers, dancers, executives and CEOs alike in the Washington DC area. Her name has grown to become synonymous with the term Washington DC Headshots. Starting off in performing and theater (many years ago), also allowed her to experience the headshot session from the client’s perspective. This allowed her to note the things she liked and didn’t like about the headshot process and she set out to create the most enjoyable headshot experience for her clients.

In the past year, Kristina has expanded her DC Headshots business and team to keep up with client demands and now offers associate photographer headshot packages at even more competitive pricing. So whether you’re shooting with Kristina herself, or one of her extremely well trained associates, you’re guaranteed to get a fabulous headshot you can be proud to represent yourself with. 

She also has an extensive retouching business and clientelle. She splits her time between her two passions; retouching and photography.