Matt Klowskowski

Season 3 Episode 32

I’m a Photography mentor/coach that specializes in Outdoor/Landscape/Nature photography and editing with Photoshop, Lightroom and ON1 apps. I’m also very honored to be included as a Sony Artisan of Imagery, and author of over 15 books on post-processing (Lightroom & Photoshop) and photography. I call myself a Landscape and outdoor photographer, because landscapes seems kinda limiting. I like to shoot, teach about, and post-process just about everything that has to do with the outdoors and traveling.

I live in the Tampa, FL area with my stunning wife Diana, and my two teenage sons, Ryan and Justin. 

Okay, I’m kind of opening up here about my past a bit. So here goes… For years, being in the photography industry (but not necessarily being a full-time working pro), I really tried to establish myself as a photographer because, well, it seemed like that was the cool thing to do. But I knew people really came to me for my education. And interestingly enough, that’s what I love to do the most…above anything… to teach and educate.

So years ago I decided to own that role, and be very intentional about it. My goal is to bring you the best photo editing workflow, as well as to help you get better at capturing great outdoor/nature/landscape/people photos.

Recently in 2016, I’ve decided to take owning that role even further. As of July 1, 2016, I’m officially on my own. With the help of my wife, we’ve founded Matt Kloskowski Photography and Training. Hopefully the name says it all