Season 2 Episode 9

I am a lifestyle, commercial, editorial and advertising photographer currently based in Los Angeles, California.

A New York transplant, I started my photography career after nearly fifteen years of teaching special education at both the middle and high school level. I pride myself on being able to relate to my subjects; facilitating a level of comfort and understanding which enables natural emotion to shine through. As such, I enjoy working with brands who recognize the importance of mood, feel, thought, character, and emotion and I continually strive to capture and showcase that in my work, creating images using the best of what's available at any given moment. 

I absolutely love what I do and I am always happy to share what I've learned. You can read some of my articles at, and Resource Magazine Online. In addition, I've appeared in several photography-related Youtube videos and a few Podcasts as well. 

A life-long surfer, snowboarder, and unapologetic dog owner, you can usually find me at the beach or at the dogpark with my dog Olive. 

You can contact me at or direct at 619-206-0577