Our podcast sponsorship is a great way to advertise your brand and content online and in perpetuity. With traditional advertising like banner ads or sponsored posts, your investment not only expires, but it's competing in an expensive and crowded space. Think about it, traditional online advertising disappears in a short time, but your message in the RGG EDU podcast lives on.......#awesome.  Not only that, we've also created a customizable way to deliver your content to a highly targeted market of pro photographers, retouchers, and creatives. It is marketing dollars that keep on returning and lead generation that keeps on growing. 


Each season of the podcast is recorded in a new city at a different convention. We travel to events like Photokina, PPE, WPPI, & NAB to record podcasts with the speakers and top artists at each event, learning their story and process. We rent photo studios and hotel suites and transform them into professional production studios capturing HQ audio and video.  


When we publish a new season, we release all of the episodes at the same time allowing our audience to download every episode for free from our website. This way, our die-hard listeners can download all of the episodes and binge listen at their convenience while we capture their data and contact information. Then every Wednesday, we publish a new episode on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher, and Google so new listeners can stream from any device. 


Hosts of the show Gary Martin & Rob Grimm founded one of the most successful photography & Photoshop tutorial companies in the world. RGG EDU has a considerable worldwide audience of professional photographers. The RGG EDU Podcast is an instant classic and timeless way to advertise your message.

Our Audience




Our audience is made up of about 50% working pros in photography, video, and post-production with about 75k in annual revenue and 37% above 100k in revenue.

Audio Podcast Example - Jeremy Cowart-Season 3 Episode 34

Video Podcast Example - Season 3 Episode 25 Erik Almas

Sponsorship OVERVIEW

The ROI on your investment.

  • Sponsorship Of Entire Season/Each Episode
  • 15-20 Podcasts Per Season
  • Banner Ads On Website In Perpetuity
  • Podcasts Live Online In Perpetuity
  • Lead Generation Through Email List Sharing
  • Top Notch Influencers As Guests
  • Can upload all Video Podcasts to your YouTube
  • Customizable Media Delivery Of Your Brand

Your Branding

  • Branding & Logos On The Podcast Website
  • Embed Your Links And Update Them As Needed
  • Build A Company Profile Page On This Site
  • Customize The Production Studio With Signage/Swag
  • Customize A .zip folder with your media with the season.
  • Change the media and offers during your year.


  • Build Your Email List Significantly
  • Gain Access To New Customers
  • 12 Months of Emails From All Seasons Starting At Season 1 and every season that is released during your year of sponsorship

Branded Ads Inside Podcasts

  • Add Your Brand Ambassadors To The Season As Guests
  • Customize Your Message 
  • 2 Audio Ads Recorded By RGG EDU In Every Episode
  • Hosts Will Discuss Your Products When Relevant

Advertising Budget

  • We Advertise Every Season With Your Brand 
  • Your Brand Mentioned in All Ads & Tagged
  • Facebook, Google, & Instagram Promotion
  • Advertised In Every RGG EDU Tutorial Download

Customize Downloadable Content

  • Include Branded Product Guides In Every Download
  • Embed Product Videos & Links To Products
  • Change Your Downloadable Content Over 12 months

 RGG EDU Tutorials

  • 45,000 Tutorial Downloads In 3 years 
  • 150 Countries 
  • Tutorials With The Best In The Industry
  • Top Quality Production

Weekly Newsletters

  • Weekly Emails To 55,000 Subscribers
  • Podcasts Advertised In Newsletters
  • Customize The Links To Various Landing Pages


New Audiences

  • Top Influencers As Podcast Guests
  • Combined Following In The Millions
  • Gain Access To Relevant Guests


  • We Can Do Video Podcasts Of Every Episode
  • BTS Video Of Season Will Be Made With Your Branding
  • 65,000 Subscribers At RGG EDU YouTube
  • 400,000 Minutes Watched Per Month


  • 500,000 Impressions Per Month
  • 5,000 Person Secret Group


  • Will Mention Sponsor In Every Podcast Post
  • Can Create Short Videos To Share From Season

Huge Reach