The RGG EDU Podcast Sponsorship is a great way to create content that lives online for many years to come branded with your logo, your message, and your content. If you are tired of your ads disappearing, your message getting diluted, or your marketing investment wasted in the abyss of traditional marketing, consider sponsoring a season and let your brand message live online in the medium of a podcast. It's marketing dollars that keep on working and keep on growing as the podcast grows into new markets. It's a great way to get your message and new product in front of large new audiences from the top influencers in the industry.

Each season we focus on a consistent topic that brings the world's best image makers to the table to chat with Gary & Rob about their brand and how they got to where they are. The podcasts are free to download in full season format with a valid email and are spread out on the worlds biggest platforms to stream. Customize your message and alter your marketing materials included in the download from RGG EDU for up to 1 year after your season goes live. It adapts to your ever changing brand. After the season launch on this website, the individual episodes then drip out on every platforms once a week. Each episode is shared in our weekly newsletter and also shared by the podcast guest.

The RGG EDU Podcast is always, and will always, be conducted in person with the guest to ensure top notch audio and a great organic show with hosts Gary Martin and Rob Grimm. Every guest is picked up by a private driver and brought to a private  suite where the podcast is held, branded with your schwag. The RGG EDU team of hosts and producers create a relaxed environment to create awesome content that can live online for many years to come.

Founders of RGG EDU Gary Martin & Rob Grimm founded one of the most successful photography & Photoshop tutorial companies in the world and have a massive worldwide audience of photographers hungry for knowledge. In leveraging this audience and networks, The RGG EDU Podcast is an instant classic.

Below is an overview of what is included in the entire Podcast Season Sponsorship:

Sponsorship OVERVIEW

  • Sole Sponsorship Of Entire Season
  • 10-15 Podcasts Guaranteed
  • Banner Ads On Website Last Forever
  • Podcasts Will Stay Online Forever
  • Build Your Customer Email List
  • Top Notch Influencers As Guests
  • Highlight Your Brand
  • Grow Your Audience


  • Branding On The Podcast Season Page Forever
  • Embed Your Links And Update Them As Needed
  • Build A Company Profile Page On This Site


  • Build Your Email List Significantly
  • Gain Access To New Customers
  • 12 Months of Emails From All Seasons Starting At Season 1

Branded Ads Inside Podcasts

  • Add Your Brand Ambassadors To The Season
  • Customize Your Message 
  • Hosts Will Discuss Your Products When Relevant

Example Of Intro & Outro

Advertising Budget

  • 25% of your Sponsorship Will Go Towards Advertising
  • Your Brand Mentioned in All Ads 
  • Facebook, Google, & Instagram Promotion

Customize Downloadable Content

  • Include Branded Product Guides In Download
  • Embed Product Videos & Links To Products
  • Change Your Downloadable Content Over 12 months

 RGG EDU Tutorials

  • 20,000 Tutorial Downloads In 2 years 
  • 85+ Countries
  • Tutorials With The Best In The Industry

Weekly Newsletters

  • Weekly Emails To 30,000 Subscribers
  • Your Brand Will Appear In Each Newsletter 
  • Customize The Links To Various Landing Pages


Website Traffic

  • Combined RGG EDU Traffic 50,000 Page Views/Month
  • Can Embed The Podcast Download Anywhere
  • Shared Through Guests Websites


New Audiences

  • Top Influencers As Podcast Guests
  • Combined Following In The Millions
  • Gain Access To Relevant Guests


  • BTS Video Of Season Will Be Made With Your Branding
  • 30,000 Subscribers At RGG EDU
  • 300,000 Minutes Watched Per Month


  • 250,000 Impressions Per Month
  • 3,000 Person Secret Group


  • Will Mention Sponsor In Every Podcast Post
  • Can Create Short Videos To Share From Season

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